Bisser’s Monster Van spreads Smiles across Leuven, Belgium 2020

Belgian street artist Bisser is known for his imaginative creature creations as they adorn many a city wall. This time Bisser took advantage of painting on an unusual canvas to his norm and painted the roof of a transit van.

With webbed feet, tail and scales, Bisser’s monster looks like he comes from the depths of the sea, as he goes for a joy(ous) ride across Leuven.

Bisser painted the Monster Van in Nieuw Kwartier, Leuven.

“I was contacted to paint the van with the idea to paint a monster on it. A friendly monster because the van owner and his girlfriend have a few months old baby! I came up with the idea to paint it on the roof, a monster on a joy(ous) ride, spreading an infectious smile in these uncertain times” Bisser

With a massive smile on the monster’s face, the unique mobile painting has had a positive impact on the local area by infecting the neighbourhood with smiles.

We hope the Monster Van brings a smile to your face …

Photo credit Bisser



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