BLOOP Art Festival Announce its 13th Anniversary Celebrations, Ibiza 2023

The world-renowned BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is excited to announce its 13th anniversary with the launch of its 15th edition in Ibiza, Spain, on 12-25th August. Created by the visionary Biokip Labs, the creative atelier based in Milan, Italy, BLOOP is one of the leading free outdoor galleries in the world, now with new virtual elements bringing the festival direct to new audiences.

BLOOP is a festival unlike any other, featuring over 60 outdoor murals and installations by renowned artists, including Martha Cooper, Phlegm, Okuda, Said Dokins, Olek, Ben Eine, Inti, Spy, Interesni Kazki, AMADAMA and many more.

This year taking ‘BELIEVE’ as its central theme, the island-wide festival will return this summer with exciting new artist participation to be announced in the coming weeks.

A new partnership: BLOOP has joined forces with Endesa to elevate the OpenAirGallery project further. The collaboration makes available ubiquitous electric boxes and large facades scattered across the island, transforming them into artistic canvases for BLOOP artists to showcase their creativity. These electrifying collaborations will surely make this year’s BLOOP Festival even more spectacular and captivating.

In addition to these electric structures, the whole island of Ibiza will welcome new vibrant murals, interactive installations, photography exhibitions, and innovative urban art. From traditional art to innovative new art forms, BLOOP never ceases to explore emerging talent and new avenues of Proactive Art.

Adding a new dimension to the BLOOP experience, the BLOOP Art Festival app, affectionately referred to as the “Pokémon GO of Graffiti,” has received a significant update this year. The app allows users to discover information about the murals and find artworks through geolocation but also includes an exciting augmented reality (AR) feature to enrich the experience further. Users can now uncover 3D pieces scattered throughout the island using AR, making exploring BLOOP art in Ibiza an immersive and thrilling adventure.

The official BLOOP Art Festival app is free, providing everyone access to the latest festival news, information, and a curated selection of the island’s finest artworks. Opting for sustainability and eco-friendliness that involves reducing print materials.

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is proud to maintain its status as a free and completely inclusive event for Ibiza. The BLOOP Art Festival App – “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY makes this unique experience accessible for everyone, wherever they are.

The festival has held editions in Mexico, Michoacán, Italy, and Milan, showcasing art and activities suitable for each place and its people, always for free. This festival will be their 15th edition.




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