BLOOP Festival Pops Up in Michoacán for the Día de los Muertos, Mexico 2022

From 29th October to 3rd November 2022, BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival’s very first pop-up edition is taking place at Morelia Michoacán, Mexico, for the “Día de losMuertos/ Day of the Dead”. The Ibizan festival, which recently completed its 12th consecutive year this summer, is now travelling to the sacred celebration full of colours that unite the living and the world beyond.

Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico and throughout Latin America with bright colours, Aztec marigolds, candles, calaveras (skulls) and calacas (skeletons). The celebration is like a family reunion, with dead ancestors being the guests of honour.

International artists and BLOOP’s previous artists, such as the likes of Spaik (MX), Said Dokins (MX), AMADAMA(EU), and more, will gather during this national fiesta for this book-breaking pop-up festival that will marry tradition, colours and street art.

BLOOP marked artworks and installations will be exhibited perfectly in line with the warm and lively coloured Día de Los Muertos scenery, in dialogue with the local people and the place creating an unprecedented transcendental synergy. Despite the challenges and setbacks due to the two years of pandemic and the ongoing international conflict at Europe’s doorsteps, the independent initiative doesn’t stop spreading the message: “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”.

BLOOP International Proactive Festival, the independent avant-garde project by BiokipLabs was initially renowned for its OpenAir.Gallery (a project that started in 2011 aimed to change the face of Ibiza island through outdoor murals and installations accessible to everybody all year round). A unique non-insular event dedicated not only to art enthusiasts but especially to the ordinary and general public who have no interest in art. Unlike any other art event, the BLOOP exhibits proactive art that seeks to stimulate and sensitise spectators “to think” proactively, the festival’s foundation. It continues to harness the power of art to communicate a message by showcasing inclusive and comprehensible art in all forms for everybody. Inclusive proactive street art not only shouts ideas and comprehensible aesthetics based on creativity and imagination but also mesmerises the spectators with innovative messages and encourages them to “question” certain aspects of society that are closely related to their daily lives.

BLOOP Mexico in Morelia Michoacán, Pop-Up edition is just around the corner…



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