Bloop Festival returns to Ibiza to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary, August 2020

BLOOP being the world’s first festival entirely dedicated to Proactive Art, with the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”, returns to Ibiza this year for its 10th anniversary, celebrating a decade of beautiful memories.

The month-long festival starts on the 6th of August and continues until the 5th of September, and remains an entirely free and independent fiesta.

“When the series of extraordinary events are hindering most festivals, leading them to postpone or cancel, BLOOP chooses to stand firm and spread the waves of Proactive Art. Though reduced in size with fewer artworks this year, the nature of the artworks in BLOOP will be communicative and hold a strong message, the series of extraordinary events and movements that are striking us in 2020 will trigger to set off the critical minds of artists”. BLOOP

BLOOP will push open its doors in a microformat despite the COVID-19 ordeal the world is facing. The festival kicks off with the OpenAir.Gallery project with colossal murals across the island by many leading figures, while hibernating their renowned nightlife.

Over the years BLOOP has brought the themes of SEA CREATURES, APPEARANCE, CONTROL, THE BEST (arrogance), MULTIVERSE, NO FEAR, CHANGES, HOPE, RESILIENCE and this year, the theme will be dedicated to MEMORY, a round-up the past decade of Proactive Art.

BLOOP 10th anniversary will be an aspiration to remind us and generations to come the times we are living in and what freedom truly is, using our MEMORY.

Stay tuned for more from BLOOP as they celebrate 10 years in 2020 and create your own memories …



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