BLOOP have brought their street art LOVE to the city of Milan, 2019

The Ibiza born avant-garde, BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, renowned for its OpenAir.Gallery is transcending borders to bring art to the city of vibrant city of Milan.

April 2019, brings us the first Bloop festival Milano, Italy. BLOOP is dedicated to proactive art, and aims to communicate to a universal audience and encourage them to “think proactively”.

Bloop festival Milano consists of three sections, experience, showcase and kids. Based on tight concordance with the local nature and urban structure, BLOOP experience brings new contributions to the OpenAir.Gallery.

In a city with a pre-existing vibrant street art culture, BLOOP brings a large scale collaboration piece between Said Dokins (Mexico), SpY (Spain) and Biokip Atelier.

The collaboration unites three facades that compose the word AMA (imperative for AMAR: to love). This word was collected from the residents that described the neighbourhood.

BLOOP explains the murals are located in a socially and cultural challenged area. An area which hosts the largest camp for immigrants throughout Europe where co-existence has been a persistent issue. It also holds high petty crime rates backed by intense drug trafficking. Despite the difficulties the district faces, the residents are humane and extremely welcoming, united under compassion, LOVE.

Dokins, SpY and Biokip Atelier leave a contribution created with the residents embodying the neighbourhood through art.

BLOOP showcase, is a collective exposition on calligraphy, meta-virtual reality, video mappings and other creative technologies. Visitors will be able to witness Said Dokins, who took part in the murals for BLOOP experience, his limited edition artworks, in smaller dimensions with more intricate details.

Video installation artist Lo Spino, with the sounds and music of Pineapple Crocodile will propose video mappings and a meta-virtual reality installation (with the creative technologies by Biokip Labs) that crosses over two worlds, virtual and physical. Biokip Atelier and AMADAMA will adorn the exposition
with pieces of design based on intelligent light systems.

BLOOP kids is a calligraphy workshop run by Said Dokins and Biokip Atelier that will take place in a magical setting bringing all children closer to the city of Milan through art.


Image courtesy BLOOP Festival




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