Boa Mistura create an Oasis for the Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece 2018

Boa Mistura believe in art for change, inspiring people through collaborative processes working in public spaces. Their latest project takes them to the Ritsona refugee camp, about 70 km from Athens, Greece.

“The place welcomes more than 800 refugees from various countries in war, mainly Syria and Iraq. Together with Maidan Tent, we’ve been working on the creation of the first public space in a refugee camp.” Boa Mistura

“These places were conceived as a temporary solution while the conflict is still active. Unfortunately, wars don’t understand time, and the reality is that there are people who have been waiting here for more than two years. Years full of uncertainty about their future.” Boa Mistura

“We feel that it is time to rethink the refugee camps, stop thinking them as nomads and equip them with infrastructure to rebuild their identity.” Boa Mistura

“In Ritsona, the vast majority of refugees come from Syria and Iraq, so we have been inspired by the girihs, the geometric forms of Islamic art, to reinforce the sense of belonging to a place from which they were torn away, but which they carry with them in their identity.” Boa Mistura

“Hopefully, one day, Ritsona will become an abandoned place. Until then, this work belongs to all the refugees who inhabit it.” Boa Mistura

“It is already part of their identity. That of their past, their uncertain present and their future.” Boa Mistura

The project has been made possible due to support from PPG who supplied the paint, and to MPG who provided funds for the materials.


Photo credit Boa Mistura



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