Boldness island street art festival 2015

February 2015 brought us the The Boldness island street art festival curated by Isis Canavelli-Chiappe. The festival was all about celebrating the 120th anniversary of Corsica’s railways, called ‘L’Art bouge les gares’ Art moves stations. The street artists were from Corsica and Paris. With special guests Babs, the godfather of this festival, Opse Lcn and Seth Globepainter.

The 10 day festival ‘legally’ paint bombed two train stations situated in Bastia and Ajaccio. Bastia was taken over first by Marielou Albertini, Babs and Van Schirin in just two days of non stop painting!

Then they have been rejoined by the rest of the artists in Ajaccio on the 16th of Fébruary. The street artists included Lek, Sowat, Brusk, Stéphane Frohring, Fabrice Martinez, Théo Lopez, Christian Martinez, J.O Chaffraix, Fabian Ribaux and Nino Satta.

Check out below some of the street pieces you will find on the island of Corsicaten.



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