Bordalo II brings the Wild Wild Waste Zoo Parody to Downtown Las Vegas, 2018

Portuguese activist and ecologic artist Bordalo II, has delivered his most ambitious trash animal installation to date, a 10,000 square feet world of trash animals entitled Wild Wild Waste, in Downtown Las Vegas, powered by

The project has been prepared in secrecy during five weeks in an abandoned Motel of the original Downtown Las Vegas, with global creative house Justkids, for the sixth edition of the hugely successful Life is Beautiful Festival.

Bordalo II “Trash Animal” series are built with end-of-life materials like plastics found in wastelands, dumpsters, abandoned factories, scrap yards and recycling centres.

Wild Wild Waste is an eye-popping zoo parody with aims to draw attention to a current global problem, human waste production and the commodification of animal habitats, all the while offering viewers the ultimate destination for a creative funhouse.

Installations include a lion confined to a truck, a massive whale tangled up in a fishing net, a flock of penguins standing on plastic ice cubes, a panda family made from car parts, a pack of white foxes and some cheeky monkeys.

“Bordalo is inspired by the rejected, the broken, the wasted, somehow our everyday; With the trash we refuse to be responsible for he creates a fantastic installation that is playful and, furthermore that question our relation to waste and our responsibility.” Charlotte Dutoit, curator JustKids

“We were so humbled to have the opportunity to help host the art of Bordalo at Life Is Beautiful this past weekend. The entire installation’s emotional nature gave us all a little lesson in doing more with less in our work and in our environment.” Tyler Williams, Fungineer at

Every September, thousands of inspired creators from all over the world come together for the three-day festival centred in music, art, taste and ideas. Eighteen blocks in Downtown Las Vegas are transformed into an open-air art gallery.

Now in its sixth year, Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival (September 21–23, 2018) features marquee musicians, chefs, artists and speakers. Named “Music Festival of the Year” by Pollstar in 2017, Life is Beautiful attracted more than 175,000 attendees at last year’s sold out event.

Globally recognised artists including Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Fafi and D*Face, to name a few, have
permanently revolutionised the streets of Downtown Las Vegas.


Photo Credit JustKids




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