Bordalo II’s latest Mural ‘Trash Polar Bear and Cubs’ aims to create Environmental Awareness to the Young, France 2020

Portuguese artist Bordalo II has just completed a new big trash animal in the city of Nancy, France.

Five years ago, the city of Nancy implemented a major cultural policy focused on urban art and it is within the framework of the “ADN” (Art Dans Nancy) program that this new fresco was created, curated by Galerie Mathgoth.

Bordalo II decided to create a polar bear and his 2 cubs, that has adorned the wall of a nursery school, focusing on starting the message early with regards to environmental emergency awareness.

“This is the first time I’ve made a polar bear. A species that, unfortunately, perfectly illustrates the urgency of the situation. Doing it on a school wall makes all the more sense because I’m still hopeful that the younger generations won’t repeat the same mistakes we made in the past, and are still making today.” Bordalo II

The Trash polar bear holds onto her cubs …

Bordalo joins other big names such as Jef Aerosol, Kogaone, David Walker, Momo or Vhils.



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