CHANGE – A Short Film by Doug Gillen, Kosovo 2020

Scottish filmmaker Doug Gillen presents CHANGE, his debut short film exploring the intersection of culture, activism and social change with art collective Void Projects in Ferizaj, Kosovo.

Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic and Mural Fest Kosovo, the film follows ten international artists reflecting on the history of a country healing from war.

In collaboration with the local community, this new generation of creatives discovers the human stories of Ferizaj.

Art in the city becomes a visual celebration of connectedness at a time of shared distance.

“The buildings, locations, people or their history all played a role in realising the relationship between the artist’s work and their audience. The greater this connection, the more effective the work. Exploring the human stories of Ferizaj in this way, at this very unique moment in time, felt like an important opportunity to document meaningfully.” Doug Gillen

The film features the work of Ampparito, Aruallan, Micheal Beitz, Helen Bur, Emilio Cerezo, Doa Oa, Alba Fabre, Ivan Floro, Maria Jose Gallardo, Retry One, Zane Prater, Vlada Trocka and Axel Void

Doug Gillen of Fifth Wall TV has been documenting independent art projects and festivals championing art on the streets for almost a decade. In recent years, he has refocused his energy on projects championing more meaningful narratives while diversifying his practice to contribute to positive legislative change and awareness.

CHANGE is the latest in a series of films documenting the global movement of art on the streets, particularly in its momentum advocating for wider social and environmental awareness .

CHANGE produced by Fifth Wall TV in collaboration with the Kosovo Mural Festival and Void Projects. Executive Producer Charlotte Pyatt and will be on the film festival circuit for the next 6 months from today. Check out the film here.

Special thanks to Lebibe Topalli, Ardian Ajdini and the team at Mural Fest Kosovo. Additional footage from Alma Çoçaj and Beast Bega. Translation Verona Sopa, Emona Deda and Zane Prater. Photo Journalist Hazir Reka



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