City of Colours Street Art Festival, Digbeth Birmingham 2016

City of Colours Street Art Festival, one of the UK’s largest celebrations of graffiti, street art and urban culture, is returning to the streets of Digbeth on Saturday 18th June 2016, transforming Digbeth into one of the world’s largest outdoor art galleries for free.

City of Colours caters for the whole family and is spread across 15 venues, with ten music stages and a large range of exciting performances and participatory activities to get involved in, as well as a huge market hall featuring affordable art and showcasing the talents of local artisans. There is so much on offer for all ages from 11 am until 8 pm on the day.

Sprawled across Digbeth, the festival boasts a line up of over 120 street artists who will paint, draw and exhibit their work on as many walls and canvases.

Artist line-up:
3DOM, Ador & Semor, Akse P19, Also, Amuk, An Wei, Ant Carver, Boaster, Boswell, BRINK, Broken Fingaz, C3, Caroline Roose, Casettelord, Chu, Chunxx, CoLor, Core 246, Craig Earp (Miasma), Cujo, D7606, Dale Grimshaw, Dank, Dice Sixtyseven, Doodlesndrips, DNT, Dred, eins92, Fanakapan, Flake, Foka Wolf, Georgie, Amara Por Dios, Flesh, Goldenboy, Goon, Goosensei, Graffoflarge, Himbad, Hoakser, Id-iom, Inkfetish, Inkie, IWalkADifferentPath, Jim Vision, Jiroe, Joel Millerchip, John D’Oh, Johnny Vacant, Juice 126, Julia Riordon, Kem, Key Detail, Kid30, Korp, LiskBot, Lost Souls, Louis Masai, Lucy McLauchlan, Made You Look Collective, Meg Egg, Mike Powis, Miss Wah, Moans, Mose 78, Mr Cenz, Mr Mind Control, Mr Monkey See, Mr Savage, My Dog Sighs, N4t4, Odisy and Vibes, Paul Monsters, Peter Sheridan, Philth, Phlegm, Rebel Grey, Rob Lee, Rogue One, Ruelo, Said One, Sepr, Shab, Si 2, Skema, Snub23, Sr. X, Stencil Shed, Tempo 33, ThatBlokeWilson, The Hores, The Real Dill, The Rolling People, The Trip, Thirteen Skulls, Title, Tizer, Vanesa Longchamp, Void One, Webbo, West, Wingy, Wolfemutha, Yash, YSK Crew, Yu-Baba, Zabou, Zalez, 0707.

Great art should always be accompanied by great music and City of Colours has selected some of Birmingham’s biggest promoters to host the ten music stages located on the festival site, featuring a diverse range of DJs and bands (including live hip-hop, reggae, dub, jungle, jazz, funk, soul, drum n’ bass and much, much more).

Prepare to lose yourself on the streets of Digbeth in a plethora of performances, activities and music. Get involved in graffiti workshops, browse through artists collections, check out the independent art sale or feast on some tasty street food supplied by Digbeth Dining Club. If that wasn’t enough… play retro games supplied by Dead Pixels, check out the b boy battles, listen to some beat boxing, learn how to break-dance or watch a film on the big screen!

Save the date and head on down to Digbeth on Saturday 18th June!



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