Conor Harrington Paints in New York City for The L.I.S.A project, 2019

London based artist Conor Harrington has just finished a large-scale mural in New York City. The mural was painted under The L.I.S.A Project, that invites artists from all over the world to paint in mural arts districts within New York City. Starting with Little Italy on historic Mulberry Street in 2012, the project has now grown into a premiere public arts program reaching into SoHo, Lower Eastside, East Village, Chinatown and Chelsea.

Conor Harrington’s mural has a historical vibe with an urban edge, and stands five stories high and takes pride of place in Lower East side, with fellow London based artist STIK as it’s neighbouring mural.

The L.I.S.A project encourages New Yorkers, art fans and tourists alike to visit or revisit Little Italy and all of Lower Manhattan to view and photograph the art work.

Photo Credit Just a Spectator 



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