DabsMyla paint Magical Unity, ARkanvas 2021

Australian contemporary artists Darren and Emmelene Mate, collectively known as DabsMyla, created a colourful mural on a former water tower in Fort Chaffee’s Wells Lake Road.

The 70-foot mural took the artists seven days to complete.

The circular flower bed titled Magical Unity features psychedelic illustrations of varied flora, including endemic vegetation to the Northwest Arkansas region.

“Color plays a big role in our work and how we create. For this piece we wanted to produce an uplifting feeling through flowers and the use of running a rainbow of hues from the bottom to the top. This is a really large work and we hope that it will impact everyone in this community in a positive way and bring happiness to everyone who passes by it.” DabsMyla

Check out the magical mural below…

DabsMyla’s hand-painted piece is part of ARkanvas, a statewide engagement bringing public art experiences by world-renowned artists to Arkansas, and fostering community through a shared appreciation of culture and nature across The Natural State.

Photo Credit Justkids



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