D*Face’s Second Mural for the Street Art 13 Project, Paris 2018

London artist D*Face has recently completed a vibrant new mural, as part of the ongoing ‘Street Art 13’ project organised by Galerie Itinerrance in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The 13th district has become a street art haven, and you can expect to see huge murals by huge names such as Obey, Seth, Invader, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Roa, Inti, and Faile. The project so far has brought 25 street-artists, of 12 nationalities to paint 33 murals.

This is D*Face’s second mural for the ‘Street Art 13’ project. In April 2017 he painted his first mural in Paris on a 12 story high building located on 10 Place Pinel 75013 Paris. D*Face was inspired by Paris being known as the city of love, and painted a couple in a passionate embrace entitled ‘Love won’t tear us apart’, (shown in the background below).

DFace’s second mural, entitled ‘Turncoat’, is another huge wall measuring 25 meters high and 15 meters wide. This time the London based artist painted a single woman and in close up, she is looking seductively over her left shoulder, back at the couple with an emotional attachment, and can be found at 155 boulevard Vincent Auriol. The mural has a blue colour scheme with a vibrant red for the lips. Her lifted left eyebrow and rebellious hair inject movement into this image.

The two huge murals are almost opposite each other, with a purpose to create dialogue between them. According to the artist, it is up to the viewer to interpret his paintings, and that is the beauty of D*Face’s work. Like a great comic book imagination, the viewer can read numerous stories between the different characters.

However your story unfolds between the characters, D*Face has brought a passionate affair to the streets of Paris.

With special thanks to Louis Jensen, Founder of Tupman Brothers and Spraying Bricks for the photos.

Check out D*Face’s solo show ‘FORNEVER‘ at Galerie Itinerrance, Paris, between 19th April and 19th May 2018.



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