Director Paul Feig chooses Stik’s ‘Phoenix Garden Mural’ as the perfect romantic backdrop to his seasonal movie ‘Last Christmas’, 2019

Street artist Stik’s mural in the Phoenix Garden, a local community garden in central London, has been chosen by film Director Paul Feig to be the romantic backdrop in his latest movie ‘Last Christmas’.

Stik’s simple stick figures wordlessly tell the story of his community and he frequently collaborates with hospitals, charities and homeless organisations. Stik’s simple compositions portray complex emotions and it was this that caught film Director Paul Feig’s eye.

Speaking to BIG ISSUE, Paul Feig immediately fell in love with the artwork and comments that the piece represents togetherness, and this is what the Christmas movie is all about.

Last Christmas is about a young and aspiring singer called Kate (Emilia Clarke) who has recently recovered from a traumatic illness. Supported by her mother (Emma Thompson), Kate returns to work in London, where she meets Tom, a handsome stranger (Henry Golding), and things start to look up with the magic of Christmas.

The film’s soundtrack features songs by the late George Michael. Like STIK, homelessness was also a significant cause for George Michael, and the music and artwork are perfect for reflecting the film’s spirit of generosity and the charity that comes with the Christmas season.

“Last Christmas” hits cinemas this Friday.



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