Djerbahood Project, Djerba Tunisia

This week we take a look at the Djerbahood Project, which took place during the months of July and August on a small island called Djerba and is located in the Gulf of Gabes. Better known as the island of dreams, the tiny village of Djerba boasts a traditional and authentic Tunisian setting which acted as a blank canvas for  hundred and fifty street artists from thirty different countries. It allowed them to express their creativity and style to transform this island into a real life open air museum. Curated by Mr. Mehdi Ben Cheikh who is the founder of Itinerrance Gallery and who was behind last year’s extraordinary Tour Paris 13 event, this grand project was tipped to be one of the mightiest street art events of the year, and after seeing all the wonderful street art pieces we can certainly see why!

From the well known and established power-houses like Phlegm(UK), ROA (BE), Swoon (US), Faith47 (SA), C215 (FR) INTI (CL) and Seth (FR) to the talents of Dome (DE), Fintan Magee (AU), M-City (PL), Alexis Diaz (PR), Saner (MX), Bom.K (FR), eL Seed (TN), Twoone (JP), Pantónio (PT), Orticanoodles (IT) just to name a few this event truly covered a wide diversity of styles and ensured there’s almost bound to be something to suit everyone’s taste.

We managed to swiftly get hold of cat enthusiast C215 in his busy schedule and asked him about his time painting in the village to which he replied:

“I enjoyed painting my cat pieces as it was the perfect location for it as there are so many cats here in Djerba. They bring happiness to children and the people of Djerba love them!”

There’s no doubt that the street art that has arisen from the Djerbahood project has added further beauty to this North-African jewel of the Mediterranean, which is known for its golden sandy beaches and diamond blue sea. It’s a treasure of art for the people of Djerba and it’s tourists … who will be sure to enjoy this for many years to come.

Have a look for yourself, and let us know what your favourite piece is by commenting at the bottom of this page.

Special thanks to the Djerbahood Project for bringing this to the people of Djerba, Tunisia and the super skilled professional photographer Aline Deschamps for her permission to use these beautiful pictures.

For more information about the project and to see the official trailer and more visit the official Djerbahood site.




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