Dutch Street Artist Erosie and Italian Artist 108 paint for HollAndMe, Italy 2021

The HollAndMe – Dutch Street Art In Six Italian Cities project, by the Embassy and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy in partnership with INWARD – National Observatory on Urban Creativity and in collaboration with six UCAS – Urban Creativity, has officially started.

Between June to October 2021, they will bring the creativity of some of the most famous Dutch Urban Artists to six Italian cities. The collaboration strengthens the creative partnership uniting the two countries and reactivating the community’s public enjoyment of art and creativity.

The HollAndMe initiative is a part of the wider (S)punti di Vista, a cultural program by the Embassy and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy that, for 2021, intends to bring new examples of Dutch creativity to the attention of the Italian public, creating a dialogue around social issues such as human rights, climate change and inclusion by submitting them to everyone’s attention through the disruptive power of Urban Art.

“Last year, with the closure of museums and other exhibition spaces, we asked ourselves how to make art accessible to a wide audience. The intent of the project is therefore to support art in public spaces, making this genre accessible to a wide audience and creating opportunities for dialogue around current issues. We are happy that the result is a very varied program, involving artists with very different backgrounds and from equally diverse Italian realities – small, medium and large cities scattered from North to South”. Roeland Slagter, Deputy Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy, said upon the project’s launch in Mantua.

Over five months, and thanks to the real work of the UCAs that have always worked on the territory to promote urban creativity in all its forms, HollAndMe will stop in the following cities: Mantua (with Erosie and 108 and the curatorship of the ACU Caravan SetUp), Santa Croce di Magliano (with Maaike Canne, called by the  ACAG – Cultural Association Antonio Giordano UCA), Turin (where the Il Cerchio e le Gocce UCA decided to involve Chas, a graffiti writer), Lentini (with Nina Valkhoff for the Badia Lost&Found Cooperative Society) and Lecce (which, thanks to the 167B/Street UCA, will host the work of Collin Van Der Sluijs). The Neapolitan area will be the last stop for the project.

HollAndMe first mural, “Aperta” (Open), was in Mantua with Dutch artist Erosie and the Italian artist 108. They have created a combo wall on the occasion of the sixth edition of Without Frontiers, Lunetta a Colori – festival of Urban Art for the cultural enhancement of the Lunetta district in Mantua.

“Aperta for three reasons: as a symbol of reopening after the various lockdowns, as a work that offers itself to an open interpretation since it is made up by abstract forms, and because there are open forms inside it, windows, compared to what has been done by both so far in a distinctive way “. Erosie and the Italian 108

In their intervention artists, Erosie and 108 have decomposed, mutated and reunited their letters in abstract and symbolic forms, capable of merging and, with the strength of their reciprocal specificity, of exalting each style.

Thanks also to the strategic position of the building, visible from several points of the Lunetta district and facing the historical centre, their work symbolically defines the union between the Lunetta area and the centre of Mantua, creating a bridge and deconstructing the traditional function of dividing walls. 



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