Elian Chali”s new Anamorphic Project in Saint Gervais, France 2017

Argentinean artist Elian Chali, aka Elian was invited to paint in Saint Gervais, Montblanc, France for “2km3_Saint Gervais Project” curated by Hugues Chevallier and Zoer.

Elian is known for his abstract style and graphic design using vibrant colours and a rich mix of shapes, patterns and varied inclinations. Elian was asked to paint was a parking lot, which he pimped up in his anamorphic style.

Elian has been working with other artists such as Roid,Velvet, Swiz, Sobekcis, Sten & Lex, Satone, Etienne de Fleurieu, Jaw DMV and Felipe Pantone over the last few days in Saint Gervais.

“My work in this parking lot is based on painting as a space creation tool. As we well know, the main feature of sculpture is the relationship with its spatial environment and the ability to modify it. This artwork, which uses the basic geometry and primary colours, makes use of the architectural factors where it inhabits, in order that each element adopts a new function and that the space becomes a huge sculpture”.Elian Chali

“The relationship with the environment is not easy to achieve, therefore not only the walls will be intervened, but the painting will invade everything that you find in your way in order to offer to the users of the parking, the possibility of breathing inside a work of art”.Elian Chali

“I find it interesting that a person in his usual routine becomes a spectator / user of a work of art, I think it is an unexpected encounter with creativity”. Elian Chali

The amazing filmer and photographer German Rigol made a short video about my project. Check it here …

Photo Credit Elian Chali



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