Elian’s Anamorphic Mural Unites Red and Blue, Valencia, Spain 2018

Argentinean artist Elian Chali, aka Elian was invited to paint in Valencia, Spain for the “Polinizados (Pollinated)” festival curated by Juan Peiro.

Elian is known for his abstract style and graphic design using vibrant colours and a rich mix of shapes, patterns and varied inclinations. This is seen inĀ Elian’s latest mural entitled “Els rojos i els blaus/ The reds and the blue ones” can be found at the Polytechnic University in Valencia and stands at an impressive 45 x 12 metres.

“Besides the floating effect of the blue figure and grey square, this piece seeks to highlight the architectural lines through the transformation of the white surface to red.
The chromatic vibration of the piece detaches the figure from the background. I decided to use only red and blue because the building is used as a Trinquete court, a typically Valencian sport, where each team is represented by these colours.
Also, the idea was to lead to a maximum point the “No Parking” sign, by making a double reference between what is happening inside the building and what is happening outside, that in the end they are connected, even from invisible gestures.
The representation games can be diverse if small signs become noticed. The exercise of changing the space or breaking the scale, turns out to be a practical way to dialogue with public space.” Elian

Making sure the murals composition works within its environment is key for Elian, and yet again Elian delivers a strong anamorphic piece for the students of Valencia university to enjoy.


Photo Credit Elian Chali




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