Elian’s latest mural flows with the traffic for Trama Festival, Argentina 2017

Argentinean artist Elian Chali, aka Elian was invited to paint in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Trama Festival curated by Martin Ron and Liliana Piñeiro.

Elian is known for his abstract style and graphic design using vibrant colours and a rich mix of shapes, patterns and varied inclinations. The facade that Elian was asked to paint was part of an old iron factory, with its wall beautifully decayed, situated next to the garbage dump… like a forgotten story.

All the history and architecture of the building inspired Elian. Here he explains his idea for his latest mural “Esto no es un make-up/ This is not a Make Up”.

“The main idea was to respect the brick and metal background with its textures, previous interventions and damage; not to create a violent coverage on the history indicators textures and life of the building.” Elian

“The top contour of the construction was crucial to create the directions of the used forms. The dynamic of the morphology tries to go with the flow of the cars in this big avenue.” Elian

The artwork is characterised by having few shapes and lot of synthesis. It’s lecture takes a few seconds and the visual impact it’s giving by the cleaning of each area.” Elian

Making sure the murals composition works within its environment is key for Elian, and yet again Elian delivers a beautiful well thought composition for the locals to enjoy.


Photo Credit Elian Chali



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