Embrace for Landing! D*FACE for ARTSCAPE Göteborg, 2021

Swedish street art organisation Artscape is back in the city of Gothenburg to celebrate its 400th anniversary! Artscape’s present is to create six public, large-scale murals in the city by nationally and internationally recognised talents.

Artscape will give the city a continuation of the successful work they carried out in 2016 when Scandinavia’s most prominent urban art festival was held in Gothenburg’s ten districts.

‘Embrace for Landing’ is a diptych with a playful trompe-l’œil effect, painted at Landvetter Airport for ARTSCAPE Göteborg by London street artist D*FACE.

The twin murals are actually co-celebrating two neighbour’s anniversaries. Both Borås and Gothenburg turn 400 years this year, and Landvetter airport serves both cities, making the murals the perfect marriage between the two quatercentenaries!

“…With this mural I wanted to incorporate the architecture of the building by painting and extending the grid of the glass stairwell onto the wall and graphically representing the reflections found on the glass. Aiming for the mural to appear not as ‘paint on a surface’ but as a considered part of the building itself, as if it had existed all along… or didn’t exist at all and was merely reflected in the glass of the building. A Trompe-l’œil of sorts. I played with this idea further on the second wall by including myself, my daughters (holding the D*Dog) and my crew as silhouettes in our ‘natural’ poses!? I really enjoyed painting this, even if the additional work to paint the ‘reflections’ made it 3 times the amount of painting! ” D*FACE

As always, D*FACE captures a dramatic image, and the two figures can be seen embracing but as always, not everything is at it seems! The imagination is ignited, and a different story is dependent on the viewer!

The second wall included silhouettes of DFACE himself with his daughters holding the D-Dog balloon, and below the rest of the crew silhouettes having fun!

Check back for more news at this years ARTSCAPE …

Photo credit ARTSCAPE



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