Ernesto Maranje reminds us we all have a homeland in our parents, Iraq 2017

aptART (Awareness & Prevention Through Art) is a non-governmental, not for profit organisation set up to promote awareness and prevention of issues affecting children’s lives. aptART are back again with another worthy street art project in Iraq, with support from UNHCR Iraq and Qandil.

In the lead up to World Refugee Day, aptART are painting in different cities across Iraq with host communities, internally displaced people and those seeking refuge from war in neighbouring countries. We last saw aptART with Ernest Maranje paint a deer representing ‘Grace’.

Now in Sulaymaiyah they asked the children from both Syria and Iraq what they would like to paint. They suggested a variety of animals including bears.

To pay tribute to the strength of parents protecting their children, Ernesto Maranje painted ‘Parents are our homeland’, which shows a bear emerging from a waterfall carrying its cub.

Along the wall children from Syria and Iraq painted message of hope and happiness.

While many people are no longer in their homelands, the painting serves as a reminder that we all have a homeland in our parents.

Any contribution whether great or small goes a long way to make AptART projects possible. Please donate to help AptART continue its work.

Photo Credit AptART.



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