Eulalia: A Captivating Mural by Reskate in Mérida’s La Antigua Neighbourhood

Reskate, a talented duo, has recently completed a new mural for their Harreman project titled “Eulalia” in Mérida, Extremadura.

The Harreman project aims to brighten up public spaces with language and interactivity, and Reskate has used photo-luminescent paint to create a captivating piece of art that can be interpreted in multiple ways and encourages participation from viewers.

The mural is named after Eulalia, the patron saint of Mérida and freedom of expression, whose name means “well-spoken” in Greek. At 12 in the 4th century, Eulalia bravely stood up to the established power and demanded freedom and respect for her beliefs. Unfortunately, the governor of Lusitania rejected her opinion and retaliated by killing her. It is said that a mist appeared to cover the atrocity. Eulalia has been depicted in various ways, but often as an older woman instead of the girl she was when she stood up for her beliefs.

The marginalisation and invalidation of youth as a vital part of society is a weight that unfortunately still persists. The future belongs to the young, and they should be able to make decisions about the present. The mural is located in La Antigua, a neighbourhood near the Roman circus in Mérida.

During a meeting with the residents, the issue of generational relief in the neighbourhood’s activism was discussed.

Production: MUMCO (Museo de Muralismo Contemporáneo de Mérida)

Photo Credit : Reskate



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