Everything is Relative by Street Artist PEJAC, Madrid Spain 2022

The latest mural ‘Everything is Relative’ by Spanish Artist Pejac sees him working on the streets of Madrid. 

When working in the urban space, one of the elements that most distinguishes Pejac is his ability to find poetry where there is none and this is the essence of his latest intervention in the Carabanchel neighbourhood in Madrid.

Located in the south of the city, this traditionally working-class neighbourhood is one of the most diverse areas of the capital. 

With ‘Everything is Relative’, the artist not only resists restoring the decayed wall (no value), instead carefully enhances the imperfections of the wall. With the goal of focussing attention on what already exists, Pejac deemed it sufficient to add discreet touches to the existing texture of the wall. 

Next to the areas of the wall where the paint has fallen off, the artist has depicted tiny groups of people who, in a collective and organized way, carry these “empty spaces” as if they were valuable objects.

With this artistic intervention, Pejac invites the residents of Carabanchel to look at these patches of broken paintwork with pride and a fresh perspective.

The mural can be found at Calle de Antoñita Jiménez 39, Madrid 28019, Spain.

With the goal of focussing attention on what already exists there, Pejac plays with the change of perspective when something that at first sight may seem as lacking the value is actually full of it.

Photo credit Pejac art



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