‘EVERYTHING MUST GO’ Highlights the Impact of Consumerism, Bristol 2021

Everything Must Go is an ambitious outdoor installation by the art/activist duo Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps known collectively as kennardphillipps, supported by Jack Arts, part of the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family.

The impressive work spans a trio of billboards on West Street in
Bristol. The first has the word ‘EVERYTHING’ together with an image of our extraordinary planet seen from space shadowed by the earth that appears spectral and burnt out.

The second billboard carries the word ‘MUST’ above a scrambled melee of brand logos.

The third appears to have been disturbingly upended such that one corner rests on the ground. This tilted board is all black with only the word ‘GO’
lopsidedly veering across it. Beneath it, as if having fallen off the advertising surface and trailing across land adjacent to the display site, is an assortment of consumer goods and domestic waste.

“We wanted to take a swipe at the relentless calls to gorge on consumer products that bombard us every waking minute. And to do it on actual billboards that envelope our social space with their invocations to Buy! Buy! Buy!” kennardphillipps

Everything Must Go is a message we usually see in the windows of failing commercial enterprises. In the context of global consumer culture and the deleterious effects it’s having on our planet the phrase is much more chilling, ‘Everything Must Go’ sirens our extinction.

Everything Must Go is presented in association with Vanguard Street Art. The display is supported and produced by Jack Arts, of the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family.

Photography credit Tom Skipp



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