Exploring Millo’s Work in Progress: A Reflection on Our Relationship with the Environment

Miami, Florida, is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and world-renowned cuisine, but it’s also home to one of the most impressive displays of urban art in the world. The Wynwood Arts District is a hub for graffiti and street art, featuring large-scale murals and installations throughout the neighbourhood. One such mural is “Work in Progress” by Italian artist Millo, which explores our relationship with the environment and the urgent need to focus on the work left to be done.

I painted this mural at Wynwood Walls. I was inspired by the planet and humanity. When it comes to our relationship with nature and the environment, I feel there is a need and urgency to focus on the work we have done and the work that is left to be done.


Millo’s mural is one of the many works of art found at the Wynwood Walls, a curated outdoor museum that has become a global destination for art enthusiasts. The mural is executed in Millo’s signature style, which features black and white illustrations with pops of colour. The mural is a stunning depiction of a city checking in and caring for the earth. The message is clear: our world is a work in progress, and it’s up to us to ensure that progress is positive.

Image copyright Nika Kramer

The mural is a reflection of Millo’s own personal philosophy when it comes to art and the environment. He has said that he draws inspiration from the planet and humanity and feels a strong sense of urgency regarding our relationship with nature. In a world where climate change is a growing concern and the effects of human activity on the environment are becoming increasingly apparent, Millo’s message is particularly poignant.

Image copyright Nika Kramer

However, the message of “Work in Progress” isn’t all doom and gloom. There is a sense of hope and optimism in the mural, as well. It’s a reminder that even though we have a long way to go when protecting our planet, there is still time to make positive changes and create a better future for ourselves and future generations.

Image copyright Nika Kramer

“Work in Progress” is located in the heart of the Wynwood Walls, surrounded by dozens of other incredible works of art. The outdoor museum is a true celebration of street art and graffiti culture, and it’s a must-see destination for anyone visiting Miami.

Image copyright Nika Kramer

“Work in Progress” is a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect our planet and create a better future for ourselves and future generations. Millo’s mural is a stunning work of art that combines a strong message with incredible artistic talent, and it’s just one of the many reasons why the Wynwood Walls are a must-see destination in Miami.

Image copyright Nika Kramer



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