Exploring the Opportunities of Smaller Spaces: HKwalls 2024 Street Art Festival Celebrates Smaller Contextual Artworks

HKwalls has just wrapped up its 2024 street art festival, which was a huge success! The festival spanned nine consecutive days and united 32 artists from overseas, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. The festival created 41 murals in outdoor locations across Central and Western Districts, Wan Chai, and Tsim Sha Tsui, transforming the city into an open-air gallery.

Instead of following the norm of “big is better” when it comes to street art, the curatorial team at HKwalls 2024 decided to explore the possibilities of smaller and unconventional spaces. While the festival did feature many impressive large-scale murals, it also invited adaptable artists who could create site-specific works of art at various scales.

“This year we tried to set aside the normal “big is better” mentality when it comes to walls, and see the opportunities in smaller, less conventional spaces.   Don’t get me wrong, there were still some big walls this year, but we made a conscious curatorial decision to also invite artists that are adaptable, and can create site specific art at various scales.  We also encouraged artists to consider the existing context, and think about how their work would become part of the fabric of the neighborhood, rather than dominate it. ” Jason Dembski (co-creator of HKwalls)

This approach led to some amazing results, such as the works of street artists Jaune, Seth Globepainter, and Alice Pasquini.

Image Copyright artist Alice Kyra Campbell and Seth Victor Tong HKwalls


Belgian artist Jaune created pieces that incorporated the existing architecture and graffiti with his signature fluorescent jacket workmen.

Image Copyright Kyra Campbell HKwalls

Seth Globepainter

French artist Seth Globepainter is recognised worldwide for his amazing style, which explores many fictional worlds and faceless characters with emotional depth and a strong emphasis on storytelling with playful and inspiring messages. Seth’s work blended seamlessly with the surrounding environment, making it look like it had always been there. Seth painted five murals for HKwalls. Read more in our dedicated blog here.

Image Copyright Kyra Campbell HKwalls

Alice Pasquini

Italian artist Alice Pasquini’s pieces encourage passersby to take a closer look and engage with the artwork.

Image Copyright artist and Kyra Campbell and Victor Tong (bottom) HKwalls

HKwalls 2024 was a fantastic celebration of street art and a great example of how public art can enhance and transform urban spaces. We can’t wait to see what the festival has in store for us next year!



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