FAILE’s Mural for PAINT (RED) SAVE LIVES Campaign pays homage to artist Keith Haring, France 2019

FAILE collaborates with (RED) and joins their campaign PAINT (RED) SAVE LIVES, the first global street art campaign created to bring urgent action in the fight to end AIDS. 

FAILE’s mural “On the Shoulders of Giants, A New Wave of Hope.” was painted in Lyon, France, and payed homage to legendary street artist Keith Haring.

“Our mural is an attempt to connect a younger generation to the heroes of the past that bravely fought to help find a cure for this disease and bring awareness that this fight still goes on. Keith Haring was a huge inspiration to us as kids and was the first artist of our genre to speak out against AIDS and raise awareness through his artwork, murals and message. We stand on the shoulders of the giants and inspirations of our past and hope to share that message with a new generation. The girl in this mural is further meant to symbolise the fact that AIDS is the leading cause of death among young women in the world today. May we all take pause in that and recognise how much work still needs to be done.” FAILE instagram

Check out FAILE’s mural below paying homage to the legendary Keith Haring …

To learn more about PAINT (RED) SAVE LIVES, access their Snapchat Lenses and join the campaign, visit RED or follow them on instagram to keep up to date and share your digital images on social media using #PAINTRED and @RED

Photo/Video credit @austinnovy_ and Chop ‘Em Down Films



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