Faith 47’s Medicinal Flowers of Lebanon: Healing Amidst the Ruins in Beirut

On August 4, 2020, the port of Beirut witnessed one of the most devastating explosions in recent history. The explosion had far-reaching consequences, leaving the city in ruins. The aftermath of the event was marked by severe devastation, with buildings and infrastructure destroyed and people left homeless and injured.

In September, South African artist Faith XLVII visited Beirut as part of the Underline project, a collaborative effort between Persona and Art of Change. The project aimed to use art as a form of expression and healing to bring hope and positivity to the people affected by the disaster.

During her visit, Faith XLVII created “Medicinal Flowers of Lebanon“, a series of murals that reflected the spirit of the city and its people. Her artwork was a testament to the resilience and strength of the Lebanese people in the face of adversity.

“Medicinal Flowers of Lebanon” captures the essence of the healing process that Beirut is undergoing. The series features an array of stunning flowers, including Asphodelus Microcarpus, Cichorium Intybus, Carlina Involucrata, Glaucium Flavum, Clematis Flammula, and Rosa Canina that grow amidst the debris and ruined buildings, emerging gracefully between the broken concrete.

The contrast of these delicate and beautiful flowers against the rugged landscape of Beirut is a metaphor for the city’s resilience and strength to overcome the devastating effects of past conflicts, natural disasters and the 2020 explosion.

Images © Faith XLVII

Individually, each flower in the series represents a powerful remedy for a common ailment. Their natural healing properties have the ability to cure both visible and invisible wounds, relying on the strength of their unique characteristics.

Asphodelus Microcarpus

Images © Faith XLVII

Cichorium Intybus

Images © Faith XLVII

Carlina Involucrata

Images © Faith XLVII

Glaucium Flavum

Images © Faith XLVII

Clematis Flammula

Images © Faith XLVII

Clematis Flammula – White

Images © Faith XLVII

Rosa Canina

Images © Faith XLVII

Faith XLVII‘s murals lead you along the city’s brittle and delicate sites, tracing the scars of its tumultuous past and present. The flowers depicted in the murals seem to burst forth with vibrant colour, urging towards a path of healing and hope, even amidst the most challenging of circumstances.

Beyond the beauty of the murals, the Lebanese people’s resilience and fortitude are on full display, as they continue to pick up the debris and rebuild their communities.

Image copyright Faith XLVII



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