Felipe Pantone Leaves his Graffiti Tag in New York City, 2017

Felipe Pantone has just left his tag in New York City, his bright creations are influenced by the internet and the technology hungry world we live in today. Glitchs and computer generated graphics are the sign of the times and Pantone uses this concept in his art. His style is characterised by the use of bold colours, geometrical patterns and Op Art elements.

Pantone started Graffiti when he was twelve years old and soon realised that graffiti resonates with the fast paced world we live in today.

Pantone kept developing his unique avant-garde graffiti style, which led him to become a member of the legendary European crew Ultra Boyz.

Graffiti, like Technology, is constantly changing, and to stand out within the fast pace Pantone decided to make his tags brighter, exaggerating the contrast.

Pantone is certainly being noticed now with huge projects under his belt, such as the Lasco Project in Paris,  and his recent mural in downtown las vegas got turned up a notch as he upgraded his sculptural mural with a solar powered neon light public artwork.

You can find this wall on Ludlow St and Delancey in the Lower East Side, New York.


Photo Credit Just_a_Spectator



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