Felipe Pantone uses VR Graffiti in times of Coronavirus, 2020

How does a graffiti artist survive the lockdown? With Virtual Reality graffiti from the quarantine of your own home.

Spanish artist Felipe Pantone has shared virtual reality graffiti videos on his Instagram page, commenting ‘GRAFFITI in times of CORONAVIRUS‘ during covid19 lockdown.


Felipe Pantone’s first VR graffiti video was a ‘PANT1’ tagged onto a virtual brick wall and took the artist 45 minutes to complete.

This was achieved using a VR graffiti simulator called Kingspray KingSpray Graffiti on Oculus.

For the second video, Felipe Pantone stepped it up a gear by painting a virtual white truck in his colourful geometric style…


Felipe Pantone boasts there are no cops in virtual reality, however, the ladder is more stable in real life! See the artist shares his 10 facts about VR spray painting below …

1. Paint doesn’t smell.
2. There’s no masking tape in VR.
3. The ladder seems to be more stable in RL.
4. Hands don’t get dirty.
5. You can make every color metallic.
6. No need to wait for paint to dry.
7. It never gets dark and it never rains.
8. There’s no undo button (why tho).
9. I can paint your truck during a pandemic.
10. No cops but crashes often so same thing.

Kingspray is a battle-tested VR Graffiti Simulator, with realistic spray, colours, drips, metallics, and what’s more, it supports up to 4 players collaborating in Multiplayer!

Let’s hope for collaborations coming soon…



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