Feminist Steps in Manoteras: A Symbol of Progress and Call to Action by Street Artist Aida Gomez

Aïda Gómez have taken a bold and creative step towards change by creating “Gradas Feministas de Manoteras/ Feminist Steps of Manoteras” in Manoteras, a neighbourhood located northeast of Madrid. Female artist Aïda Gómez was in charge of converting the stands of Manoteras Park (or “old park” as the neighbours call it) into a space for expression, awareness, coexistence and feminist celebration for Madrid Street Art project.

These steps represent the first steps taken by feminist women to achieve the rights they have today and those for which they are still fighting. The achievements presented in these steps have been selected based on the real-life experiences of the neighbourhood’s residents, and they honour the value of generating change.

The feminist steps are located in the neighbourhood, and the residents have freely written their aspirations for the near future on them. They reflect the hopes and dreams of the people of Manoteras, who are fighting for gender equality and a better future. The stands are not just a symbolic gesture; they are a call to action for the residents of the neighbourhood.

Image Madrid Street Art Project

The idea behind the steps is to inspire people to take action to create change in their own lives and their communities. As Maribel Carrillo Gijón, an activist from the Manoteras neighbourhood, said: “I’ve already done a lot, now it’s up to others, right?

This project was made possible by the efforts of the residents of the Manoteras neighbourhood, the Madrid Street Art Project, Somos Tribu Hortaleza, the Manoteras Neighbourhood Association, Batucada Marakanai, and the Hortaleza District Board. Collaboration between these groups has resulted in a beautiful and meaningful project that brings people together to work towards a common goal. The feminist steps are a powerful symbol of the progress that has been made in the fight for gender equality and the work that still needs to be done. They remind us that women have been fighting for their rights for centuries and that the fight is not over yet. The achievements presented on the stands are diverse and represent different aspects of the struggle for gender equality.

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Some of the achievements highlighted include the right to vote, access to education, and the right to work. These are all fundamental rights that have been denied to women for centuries, and the fact that they have been achieved is a testament to the strength and determination of the feminist movement.

The steps also highlight the importance of intersectionality in the fight for gender equality. They recognise that women face different challenges based on their race, ethnicity, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. The stands aim to create awareness of these issues and inspire people to work towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

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The “Gradas feministas de Manoteras/feminist steps” by Aida Gomez are a beautiful and meaningful addition to the Manoteras neighbourhood. The concrete grey has been replaced with a gradient of three shades of purple, already giving the stands a new symbolic charge.

Video Madrid Street Art Project Aida Gomez

Gradas Feministas de Manoteras are a testament to the resilience and strength of the feminist movement and a call to action for people to continue working towards a more just and equitable world. They remind us that progress is possible, but it requires the collective effort of everyone.



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