“Finding Home Within Yourself” – The Captivating Mural by Hayley Welsh for LOOK UP Portsmouth, 2023

As a notable figure in the street art community, British artist Hayley Welsh has made a name for herself with her surreal and imaginative artwork. Her creations depict charming and fluffy creatures with wide-eyed gazes, yet they also carry an underlying sense of darkness.

Her mural for LOOK UP Portsmouth honoured the city’s vibrant street art culture and demonstrated how this art form can transform ordinary spaces into something extraordinary.

As you make your way into Collins Road, you’ll be greeted by the sight of a lovely furry creature inside its cosy abode, holding a paintbrush and looking down at you from above the garden walls with a wide-eyed expression that’s simply charming.

The stunning mural for LOOK UP Portsmouth, tucked away in a secluded alley, features Hayley Welsh’s signature imaginative and surreal style.

Welsh’s message to those looking to embark on personal journeys is inspiring and thought-provoking. Her artwork is a guiding light, reminding us that home can always be found within ourselves, even when weathering life’s storms. She writes, “HOME IS THE PORT AS YOUR STORM PASSES THROUGH. BUT REMEMBER YOUR HOME CAN BE FOUND IN YOU!”

The mural painted by Hayley Welsh possesses a certain allure and depth, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers and prompting them to reflect on themselves and their surroundings.

With studios located in both Australia and the UK, Welsh has created an impressive 40+ pieces of street art all around the world and has been involved in numerous street art festivals. Additionally, she initiated the acclaimed ‘Blackburn Open Walls’ project, which focused on revitalising Blackburn’s growing creative industry and fostering meaningful connections within the community.

Photo Credit GrafffitStreet



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