Fintan Magee Paints for Social Inclusion Through Street Art, Norway 2018

Internationally renowned mural artist Fintan Magee joined forces with Nuart and Attende for the second iteration of our Social Inclusion Through Street Art project, which aims to inspire action and change. (First project can be found here).

Attende specialises in finding strengths where others see weaknesses, promoting the message that everyone has an important role to play in our society.

On Thursday 6 September at 1130, Attende’s Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang) welcomed the unveiling of a new street art mural in their honour at Folkets Hus (Løkkeveien 22, 4008 Stavanger) as part of Attende and Nuart’s collaboration to raise awareness about marginalised groups through art.

Attende’s Ren By Gjengen(Clean City Gang) can be seen daily from Monday to Friday collecting garbage from the city streets, over two tons annually. The team consists of Karsten, Yvonne, Ingebrigt, Sofie, Jan Jakob, Rune, Pål, Kim and Jonas.

“In Attende, we have several groups of people who can have different challenges in working life. With us, they participate in working life on an equal footing with ordinary workers. Too many are a forgotten resource – our aim is to contribute to increased knowledge about this group’s contribution to working life.” Hilde Skeivik Joa, General Manager

“After the enormous success of our first collaboration with Attende AS and Kannik Skole, it’s such an honour and privilege to be able to continue this joint social inclusion through street art project. Without positive social inclusion projects we risk losing social cohesion. We’re absolutely dedicated to be using art in the process of improving the terms on which individuals and groups take part in society, and the democratic nature of street art and it’s popularity make it an ideal form to tackle these issues in an inclusive manner. So many people, partners and supporters have come together to participate in this project, which is testament to the respect and love people genuinely have for the ‘Ren By Gjengen’.” Martyn Reed, Founder Nuart Festival

Another beautiful project curated by Nuart bringing much needed awareness to the streets through art. These projects are vital to raise awareness about living with a disability, and how this should not be a brick wall to employment. Work places, such as Attende, actively employing people with a disability is a powerful combination in supporting a community. Employment also offers a sense of routine and social interaction which can reduce loneliness, anxiety and depression that exclusion and prejudices often brings.

Photo Credit Brian Tallman



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