Fintan Magee’s New Street Art Mural Pays Tribute to Essentional Workers Post-COVID, Australia 2021

Fintan Magee has just finished painting a massive mural at the Limestone Centre in Ipswich, Australia, titled “Two figures behind glass.” The mural depicts two rail workers sitting close to each other, facing opposite directions. Fintan uses a clever painting technique to create the illusion of artic glass to blur the two figures intentionally. However, the high-res jacket and hard hats can be seen through the glass with one rail worker holding his right arm up.

The mural speaks about honouring essentional workers post-COVID, lower pay and job insecurity and how middle-class homes are becoming too expensive and out of reach for working-class workers.

“This work depicts two rail-workers behind bevelled glass. The Arctic glass pattern in the painting was common in middle-class Queensland homes in the 1960s and was used in French doors and windows. Some of my earliest memories of Queensland architecture was my father’s silhouette through the glass doors when he got home. The work explores the role of de-industrialization in urban communities and on the suburban fringes of Australia. The figures in the mural appear distant, disconnected, isolated, and breaking up. As middle-class homes become increasingly out of reach for working-class Australians and lower-pay and job insecurity continues to shape how we work, this painting explores how nostalgia shapes political views and how workers view their communities and the outside world. The work specifically looks at two rail workers from the city of Ipswich. As Queensland was in lockdown, many people in management or admin roles were able to isolate, while many essential, transport, delivery, and medical staff continued working. Keeping our economy functioning and food supply moving. This painting pays tribute to these essential workers while proposing a reassessment of how they are valued in the post-COVID-19 world.”

Fintan Magee

Check out the mural below …

Photo credit Fintan Magee



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