Get stuck in and STUCK UP!, Nuart Aberdeen 2021

Make it, print it, send it, paste it! Nuart Aberdeen is preparing for a RECORD BREAKING paste-up wall in a worldwide collaborative project and they have invited the world to get stuck in with them!

Nuart has secured a massive 1500ft of wall space in Aberdeen City Centre and intends to create the world’s largest paste-up wall, bringing three separate collections of art together:

• Nuart’s founder and creative director Martyn Reed, in partnership with flyposting legends UNCLE, will bring a curated selection of Nuart artists to the wall, line up to be announced soon.

• Flyingleaps, the subversive counter-culture arts initiative founded in response to the Brexit referendum result, will celebrate its fifth anniversary with street poster art spanning its revolutionary archives, created by a global coalition of urban contemporary political artists.

• Nuart are now inviting submissions from across the globe, in an ‘open call’ to artists, poets, witches and pirates to contribute to the spectacle, creating a truly collaborative concept and ignoring the borders that become more oppressive each year.

The paste-up, or the wheatpaste, to give it its American term, is a different form to what people would normally associate street art with. Street artists deployed the paste-up method as it’s quick, removable and effective and can be pasted on a wall in seconds! The paste-up content can be painted, or be drawings, posters, poems, collages, whatever the artist wants to create and share in the public space.

 “As corona shut down large-scale arts venues across the globe, so festivals and large-scale mural productions met the same fate. At the same time, we witnessed a huge upsurge of creativity outside of those institutions: DJs streaming sets; opera singers delivering arias from their balconies. Within Street Art, we saw a renewed interest in smaller, more human-scale projects. In many ways, Paste-Ups and Locative Collages, disciplines that demand little more than a tabletop, scissors, magazines and /or paper, are as much related to “craft” as to the rarified world of contemporary art. But perhaps this is what the world needs right now: a less ‘stuck-up’ and judgmental look at the collective capacity of our communities to engage in shaping public space. A return to a more honest involvement in art as it’s created within cities.” Martyn Reed, Nuart Director and Founder

 Ship your posters, poems, printouts, photos and collages to “STUCK UP”, The Anatomy rooms, Marischal college, Shoe Lane, Aberdeen, AB10 1AN, UK, and be part of this record-breaking event!!

The wall will be produced during the month of July 2021.

Click for more information about Nuarts Big Paste Up Project.



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