Giulio Vesprini First Anamorphic Street Art Mural in Rouen, France 2023

Giulio Vesprini has just painted his first anamorphic mural in Rouen at the Santé Rouen Normandie Health Campus curated by Olivier Landes of Art en Ville thanks to the project produced by Métropole Rouen Normandie.

The mural marries colourful street art with the brutal concrete architecture of the under pass. The mural is titled “S O I N – Struttura G076” , where SOIN means CARE. The anamorphic aspect distorts the mural when we look on, only appearing when seen from a precise point of view.

“A very complex work that develops on two sides, generating two distinct points of view. Side A and Side B. The mural is part of the many initiatives for the candidacy of Rouen capital of culture 2028. A beautiful experiment of art and architecture in a difficult space like this underpass. SOIN means care, the care of a space thanks to urban art that makes an important district of the city. Citizens care through colors to give everyone a smile. You can see the complete wall only if you stop at a precise point.”

Giulio Vesprini

With his new wall Vesprini paints what is significant, to ‘SOIN/CARE’ and what may require sometimes is to adopt another perspective .

Team: Hobz + + Serena
Photo Credit Jean-Pierre Sageot



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