Graffiti-Jam at Graffitistraat, Ghent

Since 2005 Graffiti-vzw have been organising an annual Graffiti-Jam as part of Puntanderelijn in the Belgium city of Ghent. Their aim is to make Ghent more colourful, inviting and surprising!! This year, Graffiti-vzw decided to concentrate on local upcoming talent, giving these artists exposure, expo’s and legal zones (4 zones so far here in the small city) in the centre of ghent, Werregarenstraat, also known to the locals, including us!, as ‘Graffitistraat’ (Graffiti Street). Graffitistraat is a juxtaposition to Ghent’s picturesque canals, cobblestone streets, and medieval buildings. The alley became a legal spot for graffiti in the 1990’s and every inch is covered with layers of paint as the graffiti becomes tagged over and new art takes it place! This alley way attracts tourists to view and document the artwork so it is a popular place and attracts many artists.

So, unseen for many years, graffiti straat was painted blue, as if the buffers had moved in over night! but do not worry this was just a blank canvas to provide the local upcoming artists to do what they do best!

This two day event takes place 10th and 11th July 2015 . Artists involved with the Graffiti Jam include PARA, Julie Gransart, Jolly, New Two & friends, Ciscre, Venom, Graffiti DNA, 2dirty, DINDIN (well known in Bristol), Plur, Mattman, Antonino, BERU, WIETSE, Asit, time 247, Solid, Quinte, Ganesh and our GraffitiStreet friends Bisser and Joachim.

So get yourself down to Graffitstraat and meet up with the artists hitting the alley for two days only!

More images to follow…

Images courtesy of Graffiti-vzw






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