GraffitiStreet Underground pre group show on the streets of London

GraffitiStreet hit london’s vibrant streets of Shoreditch for our second group show tilted Underground. Shoreditch is the mecca of street art and attracts thousands of visitors and street artists to East London’s most creative district. Before we opened the doors to our group show our artists graced the streets of Shoreditch to do what they do best… check it out…

Joachim, from Belgium, was on his first visit to the capital and was super keen to get painting in Shoreditch. Joachim threw colour in Rivington street next to the friendly guys at the Bedroom Bar with his Saint and Sinner Mural.

Joachim hung out with Italian cubist Hunto and painted a collaboration on Clare Street in Bethnal Green. Their styles, similar but also different, really compliment each other.

Spanish duo Pichi and Avo continued their ‘gold series’ at the popular Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, next to the Big Chill Bar who looked after the artists with great food and drinks throughout the hottest day of the decade! Thanks guys!!

Nils Westergard, from USA, was also at the Truman Brewery and he revisited a zoomed in piece titled Kaleidoscoped from 2009 and we are happy he did. He recently hand finished these for a limited edition print. Check them out here.

Bisser, from Belgium arrived to the Truman Brewery and could not resist painting his ever-changing faces on the side of Pichiavo’s mural. The folks of Shoreditch are happy he did and so are the Bisser hunters!

My Dog Sighs, from Portsmouth UK,  hit Rivington Street underneath the Bedroom Bar. With his clever colour palette mixing aubergine and turquoise these eyes definitely popped out! Another great piece by My Dog Sighs in London.

Bordalo II could be found in the studio working hard on his mammoth sculpture of the London Rat with his trusty assistant James T… reusing the very trash Londoners throw away onto the streets. Read more about Bordalos ethos here and check out his work for the GraffitStreet ‘Underground’ group show here. Don’t worry GraffitiStreet is bringing Bordalo II back to London later this year to bring his Big Trash Animal to the streets of Shoreditch and we cant wait to work with this talented young man again! Watch this space!

Thats just the warm up. Check back in a few hours for the GraffitiStreet Underground Group Show in pictures where over four hundred of you showed up to a great one night only event! Thank you all for coming and a PDF of all the artworks can be found here.

Special thanks to Mikey Dread, John and @Londongraffiti with help sourcing walls for our artists.






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