Grenoble Street Art Festival, France 2017

The Grenoble Street Art Fest just wrapped up its third public art festival. The event showed every aspect of public art such as, huge mural painting, traditional mural, painting,­ collage, stencils, urban sculpture, land art,­ photographs, art installation, canvas painting, digital painting, videos and exhibitions and ran from 7th to 25th June 2017.

Local and international artists were invited to take place, local artists included How & Nosm (USA) , Daleast (China), Seth (France), A’Shop (Canada), Goin (UK), Monkey Bird Crew (France), Lonac (Croatia)
,Gris One (Colombia), Veks Van Hillik (France), RNST (France), The Blind (France), EZK (France), Berns (Peru), Jaba (Colombia), Bestiari One (Russia), Cart1 (France), Brkn/wrld(Suisse), Asul (Spain), Una Vida Familia (France), Atom Ludik (Fr – Lyon), Green (Fr – Lyon), Besss (Fr – Lyon), Snek (Fr – Grenoble), Etien (Fr – Grenoble), Nesta (Fr – Grenoble), Petite Poissone (Fr – Grenoble) – Srek, Greg & Will (Fr – Grenoble), Ekis & Boye (Fr – Grenoble), Tawos (Fr – Grenoble), Cobie (Fr – Grenoble), Ink4rt (Fr – Grenoble), Short 79 (Fr – Grenoble) – Groek (Fr – Grenoble), Crewcaracha (Fr – Grenoble), Romain Minotti (Fr – Grenoble), Danay (Fr – Grenoble), M4U (Fr – Grenoble), Glob (Fr – Grenoble) and  Votour (Fr – Grenoble).

Check out the art from the festival below…



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