Guerrilla Artist VLADY is Playing Games at BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, IBIZA 2019

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA has been enjoying its 9th year celebrating the open arts in Ibiza. The 2019 summer event opened on 15th August and ran to 5th September, based on the theme RESILIENCE, illustrating one’s tenacity to bounce back subsequent to events and experiences. BLOOP is a completely free art festival that showcases comprehensible democratic art to a universal audience. This celebration is changing the face of Ibiza, the haven of nightlife, to a cultural tourism destination through art.

Guerrilla artivist, Vlady, has invaded the white isle with his mind teasing installations.Vlady (aka Vladyart) is a prolific multidisciplinary artist better known for his street-based artworks. He challenged his own society with an unprecedented, sarcastic, sharp, guerrilla activism.

Vlady’s open-air installation titled “Whenever, Everywhere, Anyway” is a Hopscotch that appears in the crystal clear Cala Conta beach of the Mediterranean sea and a pond in Ibiza center, calling the attention of all swimmers and passer-by. Hopscotch, a children’s game that can be played alone or more. These ancient street game structures were placed in these mobile settings as a way to manifest that the players won’t stop playing in no matter what the circumstances as a form of RESILIENCE.

“I intend the art that I leave around also as a game. One of my goals is to amuse myself and to see how odd or surprising something can look” Vlady

These temporary installations are contributions to the OpenAirGallery, one of the most famous events within the program. A long-term project to change the urban landscapes of Ibiza with murals and installations, that truly embodies the festival’s ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”. It has welcomed more than 60 murals and installations so far and still today nearly 30 artworks can be seen around the isle all year round.

This year going on to its 9th consecutive edition it has introduced the island on the international tourism map as a cultural destination. Earlier this year it held its zero edition in Milan amid the international design week and is set to travel to Japan, Tokyo in 2020.


Photo Credit BLOOP



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