Harmen de Hoop and Biancoshock on a street mission, Milan 2016

Visual artist Harmen de Hoop and urban/expressive artist Biancoshock are each on a ‘Biancoshock-Dehoop’ mission! They have decided to play a friendly game between themselves, challenging each others artistic vision!

GAME: ‘Biancoshock-Dehoop’
ABOUT: Accept assignments from each other.
RULES: Make an artwork in the city where they are. Every work will be a reaction to the one made before by the other artist.
PLAYER 1: Harmen de Hoop a visual artist who makes anonymous and illegal interventions in public space. He works on the notion of ‘place’ in the contemporary city, the behaviour of individuals or groups, and the conflicts of interests in public space. With his interventions he breaches the systems and brings forward another, often humane perspective. With this he tries to let people look at themselves in a different way, often with a sense of humour.
PLAYER 2: Biancoshock an urban/expressive artist. His art is a balance between activism, street art and performance. He see’s himself as someone working within the public urban space with the aim to convey a message. He gave birth to Ephemeralism… the purpose of producing works of art that have to exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time through the photography, the video and the media.

MISSION: 14.07.2016 Harmen de Hoop gave Biancoshock an assignment : Make a work about money.
MISSION ACCEPTED: Biancoshock: Bank of Dreams – Milan.
MATERIALS USED: Abandoned mattress, cardboard, spray can paint.

“When you dream of being rich you are not dreaming, you are awake: during dreams money is useless” Biancoshock

MISSION: 19.07.2016 Biancoshock gave Harmen de Hoop an assignment : Make a work about relaxing.
MISSION ACCEPTED: Harmen de Hoop: Deserted Island – Zurich.
MATERIALS USED: Drawing and action.

MISSION: 23.07.2016 Harmen de Hoop gave Biancoshock an assignment : Make a work with (or about) trees.
MISSION ACCEPTED:Biancoshock: Silent Gifts – Hamburg
MATERIALS USED: Ø 24 cm – Ventilation grids

Check back at a later date for more missions to come…



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