Heartful/Heart Fuel: A Stunning New Mural by ADD FUEL Celebrating Love and Gratitude, Miami

Miami is a vibrant and dynamic metropolis that boasts a diverse and rich culture. The city is renowned for its lively thoroughfares, stunning beaches, and breathtaking murals.

Recently, a new work of art has been added to Miami’s stunning collection of murals, entitled HEARTFUL/HEART FUEL, created by the talented Portuguese artist Diogo, ADD FUEL. The mural is painted in the artist’s signature blue tones with pink graffiti hearts that symbolise gratitude and love for the city.

ADD FUEL’s designs are a breathtaking fusion of the traditional Portuguese ‘Azulejo’ ceramic tile and modern urban art. The intricate vector-based designs and stencil-based street art interventions offer a fresh and contemporary perspective to the classic tile designs.

HEARTFUL/HEART FUEL speaks to the soul of Miami. It represents the love and admiration that the artist holds for the city and its people. The mural serves as a reminder to make sure we ADD love into our lives and how love has the power to FUEL us to achieve great things.

The mural celebrates the potency of love and is a magnificent addition to Miami’s bustling streets created for his new show.

Image copyright Expanding Roots



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