Heerlen Murals, Street Art Festival, Heerlen, Netherlands 2016

Heerlen Murals have been organising a wide range of art activities in and around the centre of Heerlen, Netherlands. They started in the autumn month of August and are now finishing in December 2016. So that’s 5 months of murals we need to see!

This year’s theme was ‘There’s more than meets the eye’ and deals with the diversity and the ‘do it yourself’-mentality of the art form. The artists were challenged to produce work that have either a worldly or local context.

Street Artists invited to paint in Heerlen were AEC Interesni Kazki (UKR) Aryz (SP), Ben Eine (GB), Bier & Brood (NL), Dzia (BE), Isaac Cordal (SP), Nunca (BR), Serge Verheugen (NL) and Zedz (NL)

Street Art photographer Henrik Haven (see photos credited) was invited to capture the goings on in Heerlen. Check out the images below…

Photo credit Henrik Haven / Heerlen Murals / Artist were credited




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