High Rollers Shepard Fairey and D*Face hit Vegas with High Stakes, 2017

Internationally known artists Shepard Fairey and D*Face officially unveiled their completed murals at the Plaza Hotel & Casino on Saturday 11th February. Curated by Justkids, the installations support Life is Beautiful Festival‘s efforts to infuse art into Downtown Las Vegas by serving as the latest additions to downtown’s ever-growing collection of outdoor works of art, which is quickly becoming one of the largest, free public art galleries in the world!

Street artist Shepard Fairey returned to the downtown district with his latest piece entitled “Cultivate Harmony.” It is located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas and covers the 21-storey and 1,003 roomed Plaza Hotel & Casino. Fairey’s latest mural is not only visible from multiple vantage points in downtown, it is also the tallest building he has painted in Las Vegas with his other mural being “Corporate Welfare” in 2016.

“”Cultivate Harmony” is meant to have decorative appeal, as well as remind people that peace and harmony with each other and the planet itself are the only way to maintain what sustains us.” Shepard Fairey

Check out this awesome time-lapse video brought to us by Critical Focus of the brave Shepard Fairey and his assistants painting the 21-storey building!


Painting such heights would give me a fright!! which brings us onto D*Face’s latest mural “Behind Closed Doors”. This is not only his fifth mural in Downtown Las Vegas, but his largest to date. D*Face’s other downtown works are located throughout the Fremont East Entertainment District and include “Love Forever,” “Peace Maker,” and “I Gave Her My Heart, And She Left Me For…”

“I get to stay in many varied hotels in many cities, as such I’ve become fascinated with the comings and goings in these dwellings, the people, the stories, the lives that have been before,…I wanted to play and use the architecture to present a mural to the public that is both a reference to and, I hope, an homage to hotel life.” D*Face


Check out D*Face’s time lapse video of the skeleton hand brought to us by Critical Focus and the lucky people who could chill and watch all the action from the pool!!


Returning for its fifth year on 22nd-24th September 2017, Life is Beautiful (Life is Beautiful 2016), and its curatorial arm Justkids, will continue enriching the Las Vegas community with art by bringing both up-and-coming and well-known artists to downtown. We can’t wait to see whose lined up this year, check back with us in September for all the goings on in downtown Las Vegas!

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Photo credit JustKids
Video Credit Critical Focus



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