HKwalls Festival 2015

HKwalls 2015 is Hong Kong’s second annual street art and graffiti festival.  Their mission is to create opportunities for local and international artists to bring their talents to the streets of Hong Kong by transforming large exterior walls into original works of art.

HKwalls is not for profit and by turning the street into a gallery, it provides the public free access to not only the work but the entire process and thats the core of what street art is all about.

The following artists are involved in this years HKwalls: 4Get (HK), Aaron Kai (US), Addison Karl (US), Artime Joe (S. Korea), Bao(HK), Barlo (Italy/HK), Cath Love (HK), DEMS (Spain), Dewey (US), Devil (Hong Kong), Dreams (Hong Kong), Egg Fiasco (Philippines), Escargot (France), Exld (Philippines), Gantz (Macau), Gas (China), Hopare (France), Jay Flow (S. Korea), Mark Goss (UK/HK), Mr. Mena (Hong Kong), OBSEK (France), Parent’s Parents (HK), Pant One (Spain), Peter Yuill (Canada/HK), Roes (HK), Rukkit (Thailand), Sinic (Hong Kong), Stern Rockwell (USA/HK), Szabotage (HK/UK), Wais (RU/HK), Xeva (Korea) and Xeme (HK).

HKwalls 2015 took place in March in Sheung Wan and Stanley Market. So check out some of the walls below to see what you can expect.


Photos courtesy of HKwalls



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