HKwalls Festival, Hong Kong 2016

Hong Kong’s annual street art festival HKwalls 2016 has just wrapped up another successful weeklong celebration of creativity, individuality and ingenuity. With a shared ethos and passion for community engagement, HKwalls partnered with Vans to further their mission and create opportunities for local and international talent.

Apart from the festival, Vans organised the House of Vans to celebrate their 50th Anniversary featuring art exhibitions, workshops and street market in Sham Shui Po.

Thirty-eight artists painted over thirty murals, walls, shutters, trucks and entire buildings! This year’s featured artists include: Above(US), Alana Tsui (HK), Caratoes (HK), Clog2 (Singapore), Colasa (Taiwan),DILK (UK), Dmojo (Malaysia), Egg Fiasco (Philippines), Essah Qinoirs (HK), EXLD (Philippines), Faust (US), Gan (China), GAS (China), GR1 (Korea), Keflione (France), Kenji (Malaysia), KristopherH (HK), Mauro149 (Italy), Mooncasket (HK), Mysterious AL (UK), Okuda (Spain), Paola Delfin (Mexico), Parents’ Parents (HK), Peeta (Italy), Phron & Sars (China), Roids (UK), RYCK (France), Satr (China), Stern Rockwell (USA), Suiko (Japan), Tamsl (China), Vhils (Portugal), Whyyy (China) and Zids (Thailand)

HKwalls 2016 took place from 21-27th March in Sham Shui Po (Cheung Sha Wan Road to Lai Chi Kok Road / Boundary Street to Nam Cheong Street). So check out some of the walls below to see what you can expect.

Check back later for more photos from HKwalls Festival 2016.



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