HKWalls Street Art Festival, Sai Kung 2021

HKwalls have just wrapped up their street art festival in Sai Kung from 8th May to 16th May 2021. The festival was a long-awaited return due to the pandemic cancelling the 2020 edition.

“We have always wanted to take the HKwalls festival to Sai Kung; we explored it a number of times over the past 6 years and met with various members of the community but it just never worked out. This year we felt the energy drawing us back again, but more than ever, and something just clicked; we are super grateful for all the people who have been so helpful and encouraging and really looking forward to becoming a small part of such a great community.” Jason, Co-founder of HKwalls.

Sai Kung is a famous fishing seaside city known as the ‘back garden of Hong Kong’ because of its verdant surroundings, beaches, picturesque trails and islands that offer unparalleled views of the city.

22 artists, 11 female and 11 male, were invited to Sai Kung included; Zoie Lam, Wong Ting Fung, Taka, Samantha Cheung , Pair, Neil wang, Parents Parents, Luna Wong, Kristopher Ho, Julie Lai, Gwen Coco, Edge, Devil, Cynthia Luk, Cynthia Omi, Cath Love, Carol Mui, Rebecca Lin, Carol Bellese Choi, Boms, Bo Law and Bao Ho.

Twenty-two Hong Kong based artists, eleven female and eleven male, were invited to paint murals in Sai Kung Kung Town: Parents parents (usually 4 people but this time only 2), Julie Lai (from HKwalls Youth Mentorship Program), Cynthia OMI, Gwen Coco (from HKwalls Youth Mentorship Program) Carol Mui and Rebecca Lin, Carol Bellese, Choi, Zoie Lam, Kristopher Ho, Neil Wang, Devil, Bao Ho, Samantha Cheung, Bo Law, Taka, Wong Ting Fung, Luna Wong (from HKwalls Youth Mentorship Program). Trucks were painted by: Cath Love, Edge, Boms and Pair.

Twenty-three mural were created during HKWalls Street Art Festival, Sai Kung 2021. Check out a selection below …

This year also brought the new Youth Mentorship Program. HKwalls offered young artists the opportunity to embark on a learning experience to improve their artistic skills, try new techniques, and learn how to transform their creative ideas into painted murals. Julie Lai painted with mentor Bao Ho; Luna Wong with mentor Zoie Lam; and Gwyneth Soriano painted with mentor Peter Yuill.

There were also tours, exhibitions that made this year another successful street art festival for HKWalls.

Photo credit Daniel Murray / Kyra Campbell



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