Hunto brings Life to his Street Art Designs with Body Painting, London 2017

Italian street artist Hunto has expanded his expression from walls to bodies. Hunto, who currently resides in London, has been experimenting with body painting, and the outcome is nothing short of sensational.

Hunto’s unmistakable style, full of colour, bold shapes, and movement, was influenced by his early inspiration from Pablo Picasso and his magnetic attraction to the graffiti scene. His creativity has expanded beyond murals on walls to include the human body.

Hunto is the backbone of the street art explosion in trendy Shoreditch and has huge projects across London. Look up, and you will find his art in the highest, unapproachable places, staying true to his graffiti days.

“It is not a big challenge for me to paint on the body, it’s just a little different because I don’t use my spray cans as usual.”

Hunto’s art is an ongoing exploration of the intertwined themes of eroticism and human relationships and using skin as a blank canvas is an extension to his visual language.

“It is nice to follow the curves and forms of the human body. It’s like designing garments to wear, making the body interact with something.”

Hunto’s unique style can transgress across any medium, with the body form bringing his visions to life.

“I am painting on something already incredibly beautiful in its essence. The rest is just adding to the beauty, this is the difference from my usual wall or canvas works.”

In addition to painting his signature style, Hunto experimented with the deconstruction of his artwork, creating a beautiful marble effect.

With fashion bloggers crazy for Hunto’s latest vision, we expect this to be another exciting venture for this passionate artist.

Photo Credit Hunto

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