Hunto Brings Love to the Streets of Soho, London 2017

You can’t miss Hunto’s brightly coloured murals dotted around London. Originally from Brindisi, Italy, Hunto moved to London’s East End and has been a major player in Shoreditch’s street art scene ever since. Brought up with graffiti and a book of Picasso, Hunto swapped his tags for characters and eventually developed an unmistakable style, full of colour, bold shapes intertwined with human connections that we all recognise and love.

Hunto was invited to Carnaby street in the Soho district of London, fast becoming dedicated to street art knitted between cafes, restaurants and trendy bars.

Photo Credit Hunto

Need some Hunto in your life?
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Original artwork by Hunto, including his first ever screen print can be found here.



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